The Machinery Ring Association of England and Wales (MRA) is the umbrella body representing the interests of six machinery rings operating across England & Wales as cooperative associations, undertaking a range of activities intended to serve the commercial interests of the farming community and their land management activities.

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By cooperative use of time and resources each ring acts as a management broker to it’s members, in order that their capital intensive plant and equipment may be utilised in the most cost effective manner.

Current ring membership covers all sectors of agriculture and all holding sizes from commercial smallholder to institutional farming companies. Additionally ring membership covers all businesses and trades-people involved in agriculture including:

Farmers / Farming Contractors
Machinery Hire Companies
Commodity Suppliers
Self Employed Labour
Labour Agencies and many others


The Ring is a co-operative society of farmers and agricultural businesses who have the mutual aim of reducing machinery and labour costs. The supplier benefits by spreading his machinery costs over a larger area and the member is able to reduce his capital investment in labour and machinery while at the some time having up to dote equipment when he needs it. Machinery Rings have been around for many years in Europe where the idea of co-operation within the agricultural industry was brought about by the end of the Second World War. The idea was brought over to Scotland in the mid 1980’s from Germany and it progressed to England and Wales soon after. The concept was to pool resources within a recognised group that would co-ordinate the invoicing of any work and promote all services to the members. All enquiries can be dealt with using our bespoke systems which will enable the right supplier to be selected to do the work. Despite the fact that the whole area we cover is immense, work is usually carried out by neighbouring members. Using this system ensures that travelling times are kept to a minimum and is the fairest and most effective way to apportion work. Although contact with members is maintained by phone, it is helpful for Ring Staff to meet both members and potential members face to face. In this way, they can get a broader view of on individual farm or business, and are better positioned to match the requirements of the members. 


Association Secretary

Caroline Whiteman
1 & & BDC Business PArk
Craven Arms

Email: caroline@sastak.com